Petrol Girls - Sister

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Frau springt freudig in die Arme einer Frau

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'Sister' is taken from the new Petrol Girls EP 'The Future Is Dark'.
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Sister sister  
hold me
hold me

We will decode this world together
We will write our existence in
Because the planet will not survive
In the hands of toxic men
They try to divide us
To consolidate their gains
Cos sisterhoods a threat
To status, wealth, competition
Your hands on my shoulder
Your eyes searching mine
Peeling back the layers
And acres of time
I have been kicked in the gut
By women who took a leg up
Then refused to lend a hand
Who ignored or spat down on their sisters
I have been betrayed to profit, for status, over men
And I am scared to open myself up again
Cos I have never known a pain
Like sisterhood withdrawn
Of realising they were fake smiles
Or those hugs were all performed
True sisters fight
We don’t fear conflict
Cos that is how we learn
We always fucking grow from it
We must not weaponise theory against each other
We must allow each other rage, and fear, and mistakes
Sisterhood is the give as well as the take

I would be lost without sisters
Of both choosing and blood
Who’ve shared the truest friendship