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New Model Army - From Here

Those who embark on the adventure will discover a very mature and excellently produced work, carried by the special sound of the record. With "From Here", New Model Army deliver an extremely diverse, serene and profound album.

Source: laut.de


TOOL - Fear Inoculum

The rock band TOOL is revered for its musicality and incredible skill. After 13 years, a new album has now been released. It is a timeless attraction.

Source: Count Zahl's favourite band (zeit.de)


Petrol Girls - Cut & Stitch

The quartet from South East London has been active since 2013, initially formed for a performance on International Women's Day. The band's name refers directly to the "Pétroleuses", a group of French revolutionary women who supported the autonomy of the Paris Commune with arson attacks and defied prescribed gender roles.

Source: jpc.de