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Fragile world events


Ein Hobel mit Spähne

It is interesting to observe how fragile and ruthless our capitalist, consumer-orientated and hedonistic society is.

This has probably always been the case. It seems to be deeply human. Capitalism comes very close to human neediness, which is why this system seems to work in principle. However, neither those responsible nor us citizens seem to realise how fragile it is.

We seem to believe that something is permanent, secure, irrevocable... Our times are now clearly showing that this is not the case. It only takes a small virus to unsettle and disrupt the whole world and entire economies, or even destroy them completely if the virus becomes even more dynamic. People stop buying Corona beer, hoard pasta and toilet paper and damage the healthcare system and its relevant supply chains. None of this has anything to do with education, reflection or fair play. This has always been the case and can easily be applied to many other areas.

When a plant breaks through concrete

Who wants to get out of there? Suddenly a small hill appears on the road.

To the side

20,000 (or many more) refugees living in inhumane camps, whether children, women or men, are bringing the EU to the brink of madness, while other countries are taking in millions of them. We are such a lazy, fat, spoilt and, above all, self-righteous continent with a deadly tendency towards isolation. Not for us, of course, we think.

And so back to SARS-CoV-2: we can 't keep everything under control. The loss of control has only just begun. It is likely that it will not simply disappear again like SARS-CoV (1) did. Humans have never really had anything under control. Control is just a construct of our minds. It starts on a small scale with ourselves and can easily be extended to the bigger picture.

Not to write too much now, as I have touched on almost bottomless topics, it is nevertheless interesting how reckless we all are and also how unreflective and conservative many people think. In my view, the CDU/CSU is in the process of making itself completely superfluous, apart from the almost unbearable AFD. However, all parties are overtaxed.

In the end, there is hardly anything that our humanity can do to counter nature, something that we Europeans have probably never realised, unlike some indigenous peoples and primitive peoples. Only together as a global community could we improve circumstances for all people (and by that I don't mean our prosperity). We are globally networked. I hope that the future, also through networking, will bring a little more humility, prudence, reflection and less individual or collective self-importance, even if I don't believe in it.

live long and prosper