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Klüsen live auf der Bühne

Furious walls of guitars as the foundation for gripping songs that get under your skin the first time you hear them - and the second time too. Full throttle - really good! The four musicians mix 90 years of rock influences with modern, punk and pop elements to create a unique sound experience.

Rappel on vocals and guitar, Hans-Uwe on bass, Mattes on guitar and Friedrich on drums. A classic band line-up in which each of the four musicians finds their place and can combine with the others to create an individual band experience. Here they really rock as a band and you realise that nothing here comes out of a retort.

Klüsen - Westwärts

The long-awaited one-off Klüsenalbum is here. Listen to it on Spotify, for example!

Open-air theatre Mülheim an der Ruhr - Controller production

Wednesday Digital Series - Wednesday, 02.09.2020 - Live on YouTube

Klüsen Blondz

Live at Broich Castle in Mülheim an der Ruhr on 08/08/2014.

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